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Customer Care

If you, for any reason, are unsatisfied with your beef, we will be happy to get you a replacement of an equal cut matching your expectations! You can also count on someone to always be reachable by phone, no matter the time of day.

Food Safety

We promise to provide beef that contains zero antibiotics, is fully safe, delicious and nutritious. Ground beef should be cooked to 165 degrees internal, while whole muscle cuts need the outside layer of the meat to reach 165.

Wholesale Inquiries

We also provide, quarter, half, and whole beef options for those looking to stock their freezer! See the Wholesale page for details!

Payment Methods

At this time, we are working on getting online payments set up, but for the moment, we are only accepting offline payments. We apologize for any inconvenience. 


VW Cattle is not liable for undercooked food. All food sold by VW Cattle is raw and needs cooked to correct temperature. 

Payment Methods
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