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  • How much does it cost to purchase a quarter?
    When you order a full quarter of beef, the price is based on the current market. We take the live weight multiplied by the price we decide, then divide by 4. That is the price of a quarter of beef. Processing is to be covered by the purchaser, which typically comes to, roughly, $200 or less per quarter of beef, but all of that is dependent on the weight of the animal in question.
  • How long does it take to get a quarter, and how long will that last?"
    The usual time that the animal will hang after slaughter is 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks is when processing begins, usually taking another day or two. So, from slaughter to pickup is roughly 2 and a half weeks. Typically, a quarter of beef will be able to feed a house with 2 people for about a year. It possibly is a little less if you eat a lot of beef, and in that case, we would love to provide more!
  • Is your beef antibiotic free?
    Quick answer: YES! All beef is antibiotic free. Some of the news these days will lead you to believe that the use of antibiotics in beef equates to those antibiotics being in the final product. That is not true. There are withdrawal periods (i.e. 30 days, 45 days, etc.) on the labels of all drugs used in livestock production, meaning you are not allowed to butcher that animal until that withdrawal period has passed after the drug has been administered. Part of being a responsible producer of beef is helping the animals when they get sick, and they do get sick. The wide range of weather conditions that they live through cause illness. However, the drugs that have been developed to help with those illnesses work very well and have been thouroughly tested. At slaughter, there are tests on every carcass that comes through the facility, and if there is even a trace of antibiotic, the producer is fined HEAVILY, and said carcass is not allowed to be butchered for human consumption.
  • I am new to cooking beef. Do you have recipes I could follow?
    Absolutely! If you are in need of ideas for how to cook the beef you purchase from VW Cattle, just get ahold of Dallis and he would be happy to give you ideas!
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